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  • We are currently using our Summer schedule. We are open until 4pm on Fridays and closed on Saturdays Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend. Have a great summer!

We’ve Moved!!   We’ve Merged!!

Come see us at our new location 2560 Harvest Lane NW!  In November 2015 we moved into our new building and at the same time we merged with Family Vision Care.  Both Horizon EyeCare Professionals and Family Vision Care have a long history in Owatonna, and we are extremely excited to begin working together.  Our name remains Horizon EyeCare Professionals, but we want everyone to know that we have combined the two practices.  So if you are looking for the optometrist’s, “Dr. Beth”, “Dr. Nick, and “Dr. Vizina” you have come to the right place.  We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional eye care services and products for you and your family for many years from our new office.  So call us today to schedule an appointment.

Read our full Non-Discrimination Statement.

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